ROSCon JP will be held on 2022/10/19 in Kyoto!

ROSCon JP 2022


ROSCon JP is the official domestic ROSCon for Japan, held by the local ROS community with the support of Open Robotics. Targeted at the local Japanese robotics community, it provides an opportunity for ROS developers, users, and interested persons of all levels, beginner to expert, to spend a day together learning from and networking with each other.

Like the international ROSCon, ROSCon JP is a developers conference in the model of PyCon and BoostCon. Following the success of past events, which were attended by over 200 people each, this year’s ROSCon JP in Kyoto will be our fourth event. Similar to previous years, the one-day program will comprise keynotes and technical talks that will introduce you to the local robotics scene in Japan.

This year, ROSCon JP will be co-located with the international ROSCon event in Kyoto. Although ROSCon JP is a Japanese-language event, we wish to take this opportunity to show the local ROS community’s activities to the global ROS community. To aid this, we will be providing live translation from Japanese to English for the entire program. If robotics activities in Japan interest you, or you just want to come along and see how active the Japanese ROS community is, then join us in what promises to be a full day of exciting ROS-related knowledge exchange.

If you are looking for information on past ROSCon JP events, including past programs, slides and videos of the presentations, see their separate websites.

Conference Image

The conference image for ROSCon JP 2022 is based on The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter, also known as The Tale of Princess Kaguya. The image, like all ROSCon and ROSCon JP conference images, was drawn by Josh Ellingson.

Important dates

Important dates for ROSCon JP 2022

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ROSCon JP 2022 in Kyoto.


Location and Registration

Participation registration

ROSCon JP 2022 is being held as a workshop at ROSCon the international ROS conference. For workshop registration information, please see the ROSCon 2022 website. We will also provide more details here shortly.


ROSCon 2022 will be held at the Kyoto International Conference Center in Kyoto, Japan. This is the same location as ROSCon 2022. For travel and accomodation information, please see the ROSCon 2022 website.



Tomoya Fujita & Dai Kobayashi, Sony

Tomoya Fujita is a Senior Staff Engineer at Sony Corporation of America, and a system software architect and developer in the America US Laboratory. He is a member of the ROS 2 Technical Steering Committee, and a regular contributor to a variety of core ROS packages.

Dr. Dai Kobayashi is a robot software engineer in the AI Robotics Business Group of Sony Group Corporation. Previously he was involved in the research and development of systems and services using ROS at Sony R&D. Some of his results contributed to the realization of aibo (ERS-1000). Currently he is the leader of the drone flight application development team that develops autonomous flight and other intelligent functions for aircraft. Practical autonomous flight functions were achieved for the Airpeak S1 drone product, which was commercialized in 2021.

Michael Grey & Morgan Quigley, Open Robotics

Dr. Michael Grey has been working with Open Robotics for five years, after completing a PhD in Robotics at Georgia Tech. Grey has been based in Singapore for the last four years as a primary designer and author of Open-RMF, an open-source multi-fleet robot deconfliction and operations platform. His current research focuses are multi-agent motion planning, optimal resource allocation, and negotiation across distributed systems.

Dr. Morgan Quigley is one of the original developers of the Robot Operating System (ROS), an open-source software framework that encourages collaborative software development and reuse. Morgan joined the founding team of Open Robotics after completing a PhD in Computer Science in the AI lab at Stanford University in 2012. His research interests include open-source collaboration at all levels of firmware and software, distributed embedded systems, hardware/software co-design, and heterogeneous multi-robot systems.

ROSCon JP 2022 Program

ROSCon JP 2022 is a single-track conference. As well as the below scheduled talks, there will also be an opportunity to give lightning talks.

ROSCon JP is held in Japanese, but we will be providing live English translation for non-Japanese speakers.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, presenters may not be able to attend the conference for reasons of illness. In such a situation, the presentation slot will be left empty.

ROSCon JP は使用言語日本語のカンファレンスです。 日本語のプログラムは日本語のウェブサイトを参照してください

Time Presenter(s) Title Abstract Resources
8:00 All Registration    
9:00   Opening    
9:10 Tomoya Fujita & Dai Kobayashi (Sony) Keynote 1: Overview of Airpeak S1 Drone / RDC ROS Development and Activity The Sony Airpeak S1 is a professionally-oriented drone, compatible with a wide range of Sony camera products. This talk will discuss what is behind this advanced drone technology from the perspective of ROS for mission-critical use, and give an overview of product applications. We also will share development and activities at Sony for the ROS community, including up-to-date features in ROS 2 and an overview of PoC in the Sony R&D Center.  
10:00 Yu Okamoto & Larry Ng (Rapyuta Robotics) Building a distributed ROS 2 simulator with Unreal Engine    
10:10 Hiroyasu Nishiyama & Yaoko Nakagawa (Hitachi), Tohru Kikawada (MathWorks Japan) Improving IT-OT system development using ROS and Node-RED    
10:25 Takayuki Goto & Koji Inoue & Ryo Kurazume (Kyushu Univerity) ROS2Web: A web application framework for ROS 2    
10:40 All Break    
11:00 Tatsuya Fukuta (Intec) SROS 2 with OIDC (OpenID Connect): Technology to connect robots and people safely    
11:15 Tasuku Ishigooka (Hitachi) Improving the reliability of MoveIt for industrial applications    
11:30 Yukiko Nakagawa (RT Corporation), Soichiro Nakamura (SEQSENSE), Gajan Mohanarajah (Rapyuta Robotics) Panel discussion: Starting a robotics company in Japan    
12:00 All Lunch    
13:20 Michael Grey & Morgan Quigley (Open Robotics) Keynote 2: On multi-fleet operations with the Open Robotics Middleware Framework (Open-RMF) In recent years, fleets of mobile robots have been deployed in a variety of industries for cleaning, delivery, security patrols, and other applications. Some buildings are now starting to operate multiple fleets of robots from multiple vendors, resulting in the potential for “robot traffic jams”. More specifically, robot fleets are often unaware of the other robot fleets in the facility. Although intra-fleet deconfliction is a common feature from today’s robot vendors, inter-fleet deconfliction is often achieved operationally only through spatial or temporal isolation between vendors. Such isolation techniques can work up to a point, but often fail to scale beyond two or three fleets. In this talk, we will present Open-RMF, an open-source multi-fleet deconfliction and operations framework. Open-RMF provides a fully open-source implementation of these concepts, allowing users to either use the system as-is, or to create custom extensions to add new types of robots, new types of tasks, and new application domains. We will provide a high-level overview of the structure of the fully open-source implementation, which is available on GitHub, and show examples of Open-RMF in several domains.  
14:10 Ryodo Tanaka & Reyes Tatsuru Shiroku (ARAV) Applying ROS to heavy construction machinery and a proposal for “ROS Construction”    
14:30 Takumi Iguchi (Shibaura Institute of Technology) A robot using emotional state estimation built on ROS    
14:40 Izumi Ninagawa Proposing “Meridian”, a technology to link ROS and humanoids    
14:50 Hideki Takase & Shintaro Hisoai & Yoichiro Hibara & Haruaki Tanaka (The University of Tokyo), Shoji Morita (eSOL) now and next about mROS 2    
15:00 All Lightning talks    
15:45 All Break    
16:15 Taiki Fujii (eSOL) A collaboration between industry and academia to develop a commercial robot using ROS 2    
16:30 Kohei Yokouchi & Hiroki Sone (TechMagic) Developing the pasta-cooking robot “P-Robo” using ROS    
16:45 All Closing and group photo    
17:00   End of conference    
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Organizing Committee

  • Geoffrey Biggs
  • Hirokazu Egashira
  • Yukiko Nakagawa
  • Yutaka Kondo
  • Hideki Takase

Program Committee

  • Geoffrey Biggs
  • Yutaka Kondo
  • Hideki Takase
  • Hiroyuki Nomura

Past ROSCon JP Events

Past ROSCon events

ROSCon, the premiere conference on all things ROS, has been held annually since 2012. Archives of all past programs with recordings of the talks and most of the slides are available at the locations below.

Code of Conduct

All attendees, speakers, sponsors and volunteers at our conference are required to agree with the ROSCon 2022 code of conduct. Organisers will enforce this code throughout the event. We expect cooperation from all participants to help ensure a safe environment for everybody.

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